Why This Guitar Slinging Dad Has More Streams Than You

Lance Allen is a mythical beast in the music world. Compared to most of the artists I have worked with, Lance really believes in what he is creating and is not afraid to let you and everyone else know. He passionately shares his journey and is happy to include his fans in the process. I met Lance via Instagram after he bought my book (thanks Lance), he already had a solid grasp on of the power of Spotify playlists and his music was doing well.

Now he is on an epic mission; he needs 60 million streams on Spotify to pay off his house! He already has 6 million+. Here are a few power moves upcoming producers and musicians can learn from Lance.

He is a hustler

Lance has networked his ass off and has managed to get himself on some huge playlists on Spotify. Obviously his music is great but he has hit every channel imaginable to continue to build his following. He knows that as an independent artist making music is just one small part of the equation, he is out there sending messages, flicking off emails and knocking on doors!


With Lance it’s a two way street. His music is great and he is out there letting people know. If you’re not adding his music to your playlists you are missing out on something special. He’s not hiding behind some logo or a picture of a skeleton, he has a ton of videos and photos showing you who he is. He’s a real human doing his thing and people like Spotify curators and playlist owners see this and want to help him out! He is a genuinely funny and good hearted person, who wouldn’t want to help him out?


Many messages have been tossed between Lance and I. He is always asking me for help and I am happy to do what I can. The real question is why would I want to help him? Lance does the work and then asks for help. Lance will do the digging and if he gets stuck he will ask for help he is never wasting time asking for handouts like a good amount of messages I get “Hey can you connect me with someone at Spotify?’. Lance also follows up on whatever advice I give him on what outcome he had, this makes me feel like I’m part of his success and makes it more likely for me to help him further down the road.

HE has already made moves on his own

Lance is a go getter, when I met him he already was doing well on Spotify. This makes it easier and more likely for him to gain success from me helping him out. He already has momentum and has used that hustle and momentum to get on some amazing playlists. Check out Lance on Spotify to see what playlists he is on right now.


He lives by the 3 p’s

Pursue – Go after what you love. People tell you to do what you love and the money will come. I confirm that. Rough at first, but you’ll be happy to be doing what you love.

Persist – Don’t give up! People will tell you that you’re one in a million chance of success. Maybe not in those exact words, but you will be brought down. The key is to continue going after it.

Patience – This one is hard as we live in a “want it now” world! You have to wait and see how your hard work pays off. It takes time, guts, and drive to see results! I think we all can learn from Lance and his relentless hustle. Follow him on Spotify and help him pay off his house.

Lance is also the “Worlds Top Skype Guitar Teacher”. Check out his website Lance Allen Studio. More info on Lance below.

“Teach, coach, and inspire.”

-George Goodrich

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