What is Playlist Push?

You’ve searched for multiple playlist companies and probably haven’t seen promising results. Its enviable you will run into Playlist Push and might wonder what is Playlist Push? Playlist Push is a music promotion technology platform focused on user generated Spotify playlist and indie artists. Founded by George Goodrich (USA) and Ludo Helder (NL) in 2017. Playlist Push started as a email system between playlist curators and artists. In 2019 PlaylistPush ran over 7,000 campaigns. Thus making Playlist Push the most popular and trust-worthy playlist promotion platform on the web. Since launch the platform has become an advanced technology platform that helps artists build fans faster than traditional advertising.
Playlist Push allows artists and labels to setup targeted campaigns by utilizing Spotify’s API . To date they boast a network of over 2,000 playlists and 45 million monthly listeners. Their network is vast and can cater to any genre on Spotify.
To setup a campaign with Playlist Push their pricing starts at $250 and goes up to $2,500 per two week campaign. Apply here: https://app.playlistpush.com/apply/artist
How Playlist Push campaigns work? Each campaign is two weeks, they can run songs that are on Spotify or unreleased. On the application page you will either fill out with the Spotify URI or an MP3 or WAV file. From there you will be able to schedule the campaign date on your release date or when they have a date open for you.
When your Playlist Push campaign starts you will recieve a link to each playlist in real time as your song is added. Something Playlist Push does very well is keep their artists updated with each detail of the campaign in real time.
For additional info check out this post from the Playlist Push website: http://help.playlistpush.com/en/articles/2456849-how-does-playlist-push-work-for-artists

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