My Top Tools For Spotify

We have all noticed Spotify making some strange changes to how playlists are displayed, artist info and artist being able to create and showcase their own playlists. You can get mad or like me you can just do some digging find some amazing sites that use Spotify's API. These sites gather and display data and are updated daily. Lets dive in:

Spot On Track - The Spotify Tracker

Spot On Track is the tool you need to track the spotify charts and playlists easily.

Spotontrack is great because it displays your overall playlist accumulation, when your track was added and even displays smaller lesser known playlists. This is a good tool to give a shoutout to people who have added your playlist on social media (if. you can even find their real name).

Discover Spotify Playlists at gives you an easy way to find awesome user generated playlists.


Spotify for artists

'Spotify for Artists" is a great tool but just alone it doesn't offer ton of help or put the data in context. I want to know where my streams are coming from! What does listeners mean? Using this as a tool can be frustrating but overtime I think Spotify will clean it up and allow artists to actually put the data to work.
Obviously my main use of these services is to gather data for my clients and artists, whether its a label I am consulting for or an artist I manage I am always looking for more tools to make my life easier. What tools do you use outside of Spotify to help you build your strategy or connect with fans? Drop a comment and let me know.
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