Meet artist's who have put the Slotify Method into action


Lance Allen

Acoustic Guitarist

"I used The Slotify Method to give me some fresh ideas on how to get my music on more playlists. Within the first week I found myself on 10 or more new playlists including a rather large user generated playlist called Instrumental Pop! Slotify Method has been a great resource to the big picture of making my music more successful!"


Joey Edwin

Latin Rhythms & Pop Grooves

"George gives strategic ways to get on Spotify playlists which seems to be a blur to most artists right now. It does take some work, but it's clearly laid out in this easy-to-read book. This is an affordable option to get on the right track before Spotify and the like explode - which is starting to happen right now!"

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Curt Reynolds

House Producer

"The whole damn neighborhood getting slotted!"


Joe Cohen

EDM DJ/Producer

"George doesn't go around with advice we've all heard before. This book actually tells you simple and straight forward strategies that I could use right away to grow on Spotify. And guess what? They worked amazingly for me. Cannot thank you enough man!"

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