Spotify is now adding 2 million paying subscribers per month!

Globally Spotify has passed 60 million paying subscribers, with the popularity of playlists and new product updates for artist they are growing faster than ever.

In the first seven months of 2017 they stacked on around 15m subscribers.

Apple Music is believed to have added near 10m subs.

The last confirmation I got of a paying subscriber number from Spotify was early March, when they seemed to be peaking at 50 million subs.

The popularity of playlists and the amount of precise data Spotify has added to ‘Spotify for Artists’ Spotify has delivered in the past four months it easy to see why they are dominating the streaming market. Pair that with the clever use of user data for recent marketing campaigns its easy to see why Spotify is smoking Apple Music.

The 10m additional subscribers have been gained in less than five months.

Spotify has been adding an average of more than 2 million subscribers per month since that point.

Spotify’s latest annual results filed last month showed losses outpacing revenue growth – with 2016’s sales up 52% to $3.3 billion but net losses widening 133% to nearly $600m.

The company is expected to IPO before the end of the year.

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