Massive Changes Made with Spotify For Artists

Spotify for Artists — available to ALL

Spotify just made some huge changes to how in terms of how to claim your name/artist profile/discography on the platform, edit your profile, and more. In short what this means if MORE data for artists on Spotify, not only that but these artists will now be spending more time on the platform, crafting playlists and sharpening their appearance.

They have rebranded “Fan Insights” as “Spotify for Artists” and opened it up to all artists: (sorry to all of the sketchy websites that let you buy Spotify followers) verification no longer requires that you have a minimum of 250 followers on Spotify.

Ok, you are an artists on Spotify so what does this mean for you? Spotify will give access to info about your listeners on the platform, if you are with a distributor that offers you “analytics” this is more than likely going to blow them out of the water by being in real time and more accurate.


“Artist verification on Spotify has always lived separately from our core products for artists. Until now. Today, artist verification and artist playlisting are both becoming part of Spotify for Artists.” -Matthew Ogle, Head of Product at Spotify

As an artist, you no longer need to fill out a separate form to get verified on Spotify — just get access to your profile in Spotify for Artists and you’re good. Artist playlisting is also being integrated into Spotify for Artists. You and your team can post playlists, update images, and make picks all from the same place — simplifying how you manage your artist profile.

What this means if you’re already verified:

  • Whether you use Spotify for Artists or not, you’ll keep your verification.
  • All the playlists on your artist profile will stay there.
  • If you’re verified but haven’t used Fan Insights, get access to Spotify for Artists here.
  • As of early May, you’ll need to use Spotify for Artists to add and remove playlists from your artist profile. You’ll still use your personal Spotify account to create and edit them.

What this means if you’re not verified yet:

  • To get verified, you’ll need to get access to Spotify for Artists.
  • Spotify for Artists is available for all artists and their management teams. You no longer need 250 followers to get verified.
  • As of early May, you can add any playlist to your artist profile using Spotify for Artists — the same way you add an artist’s pick. You’ll use your personal Spotify account to create and edit artist playlists.
  • While we’re working as quickly as we can, you may not see the verified check mark on your page until early May. 

DATA YOU WILL SEE ON Spotify for Artists :

  • Demographics: find out important information about who’s listening to your music on Spotify, including age and gender, and what device they’re using to access your tunes. Is your ACTUAL audience different from what you imagined? Adjust promotions accordingly!
  • Location: Find out where your fans live so you can route smarter tours and concentrate radio promotion efforts on the right markets.
  • Similar artists: See what other artists your fans are listening to. Maybe this info can help you better target your online ads.
  • Live listeners: Discover how many people are listening to you on Spotify in real-time.
  • Song data: Break it down to the song level to see how your newest track is performing.
  • Playlist data: Find out what impact playlist placements are having on your streams, and give social shout-outs to any playlister who adds your music.
  • Playlist notifications: Get an email any time Spotify adds one of your songs to one of their curated playlists.


Tough shit if you worked hard to get your entire family and some distant Facebook friends to get to 250. But here’s the silver-lining: now you have more followers on Spotify! And that is going to make a significant difference the next time you release an album or single on the platform.


-George Goodrich



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