How to get your Music on Spotify Playlists (2017)

How to get your Music on Spotify Playlists (2017)


You have heard all of the buzz about Spotfiy playlists and how powerful they can be to not only gain millions of streams but to grow and even launch your career as an artist. I will go over a few easy steps that will get you setup and get you placed on Spotify playlists. I will also go over exactly how to get your music on these playlists and even how your music can get picked up by "Viral 50" and get placed on editorial Spotify playlists such as Rap Caviar, Morning Coffee House and ElectroNOW.

1. Get your Spotify profle setup looking like a pro.

Were not in SoundCloud land anymore, this is the big leagues. Weak track artwork and weird names with emojis won't cut it. You are trying to gain attention and compete with some of the biggest artist in the world! So you need to make sure you have a professional profile picture (hopefully of your face) humans conect better to faces and are 8X more likely to listen to your music if they have a human face to put with it.

2. Verify your Profile

Follow the instructions in this blog post to get your profile verified today.

3. Dial in your socials.

Make sure you have a nice representation of your overall image and music on social media. You don’t need to be on every platform but you should at least be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you have up to date information and adding links and embeds to your spotify profile will help when curators are looking you up! If you have a large amount of fans on social media it is a bonus but not a requirement to end up on some of Spotify's biggest playlists.

4. Finding Playlist Owners.

You can spend all the time in the world hunting down Spotify Curators but in reality they are burried with people trying to reach out to them. I have heard this from them personally. We have come up with a way to take you from the dreaded <1,000 stream mark to possibly onto some of the biggest lists on Spotify.

- Track down the smaller playlist owners.
Doing this on your own can be a huge pain in the ass and extremely difficult/time consuming. The best thing to do is sign up at where they have access to large groups of playlist owners from all genres on Spotify.
- Once your muisc is in rotation on user generated playlists then you have a chance for your music to get picked up by the 'Viral 50' chart on Spotify and even make your way onto Fresh Finds playlist. I myself have seen this happen dozens of times and this seems to be the formula.

5. Get your track onto user generated playlists.

You want your track to land on as many playlists at the same time to get picked up by the Spotify Top performing new tracks.
Once you gain a good amount of streams between 30-40,000 you want to reach out to curators and let them know about your new track. When they see how many streams you have and how new your track is you have a good chance of getting placed. Hopefully you will get placed onto huge playlists like Viral 50 and Fresh Finds. The good thing about getting picked up by theses lists is getting picked up on more genre specific playlists. When you make it onto one playlist it has a snowball effect. See graph below of an independent artists Spotify playlist adventure.


-George Goodrich

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