How To Get Free Spotify Followers


How To Get Free Spotify Followers

Are you having a tough time finding followers and fans on Spotify? Gaining followers on Spotify can be tough! You have no idea where followers are coming from- social media, word of mouth, Google. Don't worry, in this post I will give you some solid hacks and show you exactly how to get free Spotify followers. It's your job to turn them into fans and get them talking about your music.

1) Have a why.

People love to support a mission or a goal. Take for example services like Kickstarter, people sign on because they want to support someone doing something cool. For example instead of shouting across the internet "follow me on Spotify" tell a story or give a reason why. "I am trying to get to 1,000 followers by September and get booked for EDC Las Vegas. Follow me on Spotify to support my mission!" That is going to get you ten times the amount of engagement than people just following for no reason. You can also highlight your music in your post. Example: "I'm a classically trained guitarist, my music is great for reading and deep focus. Give me a follow on Spotify and let me know what you think!" The best way to test this is to post to different groups on Reddit. Submit your pitch and make sure your title is something intriguing like "I need your help" or "Help make an artist's day."
Subreddit's to post to- /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers,/r/spotify/, /r/ThisIsOurMusic/
Use the feedback you get from Reddit to change and improve your pitch.

2) Source your Facebook friends.

If you have 1,000 Facebook friends there is a good chance 300-600 of them are on Spotify. Draft up a message that you can send out to your Facebook friends. Be detailed and don't forget to tell them why they should follow you. Being your friend is hopefully enough but give them your pitch just to be sure. Writing a post simply is not enough you need to message each person individually. If you are bold have them send you a screenshot of them following you.

3) Link in bio, Link in bio, Link in bio.

Make sure all of your social channels have a link to your Spotify in your profile with a call to action! This makes it easy for people you connect with on social media to follow you and become instant fans.
See examples below:

4) Setup an email blast.

Most email services are free up to a certain amount of contacts. Odds are you have a network of friends and contacts you have emailed that you haven't even tapped into! Setup an email blast on mail chimp and ask for a follow. Use your same pitch from step one in the body of your email. Here is how to setup your email blast.

Step 1. Export your contacts from Gmail.

Step 2. SetupĀ a free Mailchimp account for your email blast.

Import your list to Mailchimp that your exported from Gmail.

Step 3. Setup your email campaign by following this guide:

Create an Email Campaign with Campaign Builder | ...

5) Invest in Spotify promo.

There are a few Spotify promotion services out there and most of them look suspect and offer very little information. The only one I have seen deliver results time after time is Playlist Push. They send your music out to curators and run two weeks campaigns. In the first week they are trying to get you on as many lists as they can to trigger the algorithm on Spotify that can land you on lists like Fresh Finds. They send you a very detailed report after your campaign wraps and help you to build out your audience on Spotify.

As they say nothing in this world is free and you do have to work to setup these different ways of gaining free followers. The more you put in these strategies and tip the better chance you have at gaining Spotify followers for free. Once you get them all setup they are mostly automated, sit back and watch the Spotify followers roll in.

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