Get your first 250 Spotify followers for free

Congratulations you have wised up and are a new artist on Spotify! You’re probably lacking in a few departments: getting people to follow you and reaching the 250 follower mark so you can get a verified profile. You are in luck because I have a 2 step process that will get you your first 250 followers quick and easy.

Step 1. Join this Facebook Group.

Step 2. Follow all artists on this website then take a screenshot and post that screenshot to the group. Your profile will be added into rotation and in no time you will have 250 followers for FREE.


-George Goodrich

One thought on “Get your first 250 Spotify followers for free”

  1. I LOVE your site! Thanks for this post. Quick question…..
    I have an idea for my niche, but should i create an entirely new follower? Or continue using the one I have and build from there?

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