Who is George?

Entrepreneur and author George Goodrich co-founded DemoDrop.com and StudioSessions.Tv, two music-tech companies with bases in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. An avid techno and house music listener, George specializes in crafting innovative digital strategies to help artists thrive, with experience running dance music events in Australia, Europe and Mexico for The BPM Festival. His latest book Slotify Method: How to Use Spotify Playlists to Launch Your Career in Music dives into the growing importance of Spotify as a tool for emerging artists, with tools on how to gain millions of streams, make money off of Spotify and gain attention from labels and talent buyers.Follow the journey below.

Artist Friends

SnowGlobe 2017: Frosty's with Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers) and B-Roc  (The Knocks)

Hoops in Venice with the Aussies: DJ Tigerlily, Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher.

Lollapalooza 2016 with DJ/Producer Curt Reynolds



Tai Lopez (Entrepreneur)

Tim Ferris (Author)

Matt Adell (Former CEO of Beatport)