Who is George?

2013-Starts music business career in Melbourne, Australia 

2013-Gets first job at a seedy venue booking shows and promoting. It was a mostly reggae/dubstep/pre-riddim type of place. Like the warehouse the foot clan hangs out at in Ninja Turtles.

2014-Start throwing and promoting my own parties at the venue on Sundays because I did not have to pay the club a hire fee. I used Gumtree (Australias equivalent to Craigslist) to find DJ's from the UK to play.

2014-Managed a few indie bands and had no idea what I was doing, the only reason they wanted to work with me was because I was hungry and wanted to work. Also being American didn't hurt...

2014-Move to Amsterdam, Netherlands to live with a friend who was my neighbor in Hollywood who worked in technology.

2014-Started getting into startups and was having less interest in the music biz. Met Ludo my business partner who was running a really cool website called DemoDrop

2014-Ludo and George partner to scale and build DemoDrop and grow user base in North America.












2015-I move back to LA to get a REAL job in the music biz.

2015-Network and find a mentor who gets me a job interview at CAA. I bomb the interview.

2015- Finally get a job for a music distributor who's focus was SoundCloud monetization.

2015- Ludo decides to launch a new website called StudioSessions.Tv where you can share your work flow while producing a track LIVE.

2015-Facebook Live launches and people start doing that on Facebook.



Artist Friends

SnowGlobe 2017: Frosty's with Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers) and B-Roc  (The Knocks)

Hoops in Venice with the Aussies: DJ Tigerlily, Will Sparks and Joel Fletcher.

Lollapalooza 2016 with DJ/Producer Curt Reynolds



Tai Lopez (Entrepreneur)

Tim Ferris (Author)