Top Indie Curators on Spotify

No Kim Kardashian is not one of them...thank god.

There are plenty of blogs and networks who have a large following on Spotify. Spinnin' Records, Walt Disney Records, all well into the one million follower range. What about individuals who have the most push and influence on the platform? Here is a list of the most powerful independent curators on the platform right now. Behold the most popular user generated playlists Spotify.

Curator Name Number of Playlists Playlist Followers
Hugo Gloss 44 1,111,289
Daniel Ek 34 740,339
Bruno Navarro 7 684,517
g0u1d1e1 273 668,887
elainelin 14 611,050
Diego Fernando Bravo 47 494,662
Robaer 10 464,124
Livia Campos 19 399,846
Eva Gutowski 47 379,305
kent1337 13 335,888
Assia Grazioli 83 327,614
michellekadir 40 316,681
anittaoficial 18 295,983

Tracking down playlist owners can be exhausting and time consuming. You also don't know if the playlist you are pitching to can do anything for you. Services like Playlist Push can connect you to playlist owners for placement, they work with a network of the most active playlists on Spotify.



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