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What you'll learn from this book

  • Why Spotify is the best platform for independent artists right now.
  • How to setup your Spotify Artist profile and easily get it verified.
  • Best practices for pitching your music to Spotify.
  • The underground services utilized by Universal Music Group and Warner Music.
  • How to find and connect with Spotify Playlist curators.
  • What to do after your track is on a playlist and how to get on many┬ámore.
  • How getting on playlists can result in millions of streams, bookings, record label deals and, thousands of dollars in your pocket.



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Joe Cohen

"This book actually tells you simple and straight forward strategies that I could use right away to grow on Spotify. And guess what? They worked amazingly for me."

Lance Allen

"Within the first week I found myself on 10 or more new playlists including a rather large user generated playlist called Instrumental Pop!"

Curt Reynolds

"The whole neighborhood gettin' slotted!"

Joey Edwin

"This is an affordable option to get on the right track before Spotify and explode - which is starting to happen right now."


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trusted by the following companies